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April 26

6:30pm Open Meeting

• Review Mail
• Review & Approve Meeting Minutes for 3/29/2023.
• Discuss ATM Warrant final draft, places to hold ATM meeting depending on the number of people in attendance.
• Linda Cernik – HRMC: Discuss Transfer Station items & what the $4200 can be used for.
• Discuss Invoice from Apalachee Salt – what account to pay out of
• Update of Town Park
• Discussion on Annual Town Report
• Update on TA Search
• Update on Administrative Assistant
• Opioid Grant emails
• Old Business
• New Business not foreseen 48 hours in advance.
• Note: If a discussion topic is proposed after this meeting notice is posted, and it was not reasonably anticipated by
the chair more than 48 hours before the meeting, the agenda will be updated, insofar as possible, to provide the
public with as much notice as possible of subjects to be discussed during the meeting.
• Public Input
• Adjourn

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